How Do You Ask Customers for Online Reviews for Your Local Business?

Most businesses nowadays understand the value of promoting their services online. But there is one marketing trick that a lot seem to ignore: asking for online reviews for their local business.

Think about it this way.

When prospects learn about a new local business, they have a few questions:

Can this business help me with my problem?

And, if so, are they trustworthy?

If prospects can easily learn about your products and services from your website, when it comes to your trustworthiness, they will likely turn to other customers to find out more about their experience. And, if your business doesn’t have too many reviews, then that could be seen as a bad sign.

But, you can prevent or fix that by asking for customer reviews.


Here are a few effective ways a business can approach its customers to get feedback.

Ways to Get Customers to Review Your Local Business

Use Email to Ask for Reviews

Do you know what the simplest way to engage with your customers and ask for a review is? Sending them a simple email where you provide a link to a page where they can leave their feedback. In fact, quite a significant percentage of customer reviews come from emails, which makes this an essential tool for businesses to use effectively. Create a message where the customer feels acknowledged and help them understand that their personal opinion matters and can help your business.

Use SMS to Ask for Reviews

This is another powerful tool local businesses can use to ask their customers to leave a review. Text messages allow for instant communication as people are more likely to open their message inbox than their emails or social media messages. Make sure your request is engaging and emphasize how their feedback is valuable and essential in offering better services in the near future.

Use Dedicated Landing Pages to Ask for Reviews

Create a page where customers can easily write and leave their reviews. Share the link of the landing page across your business social media pages and let your customers know that they have a place where they can share their experience with others.

Final Thoughts

There are several ways a business can ask its customers for reviews. It may feel a bit odd at first, but it’s essential to building your credibility and growing your local company. And, you don’t have to be alone in this endeavor.

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